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Dorchester is one of the most creative, switched on, environmentally-aware towns in England. It is one of a growing number of areas to have established ‘Transition Town’ status, aimed at encouraging a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

The town boasts a wide choice of alternative therapists offering treatments such as aromatherapy, reflexology, reiki, shiatsu, chi kung, NLP and hypnotherapy.

We also have specialist health food shops, farm­ers’ markets and gourmet shops selling fresh local produce – much of it organic. And that’s not forgetting the many tea shops, takeaways, pubs and restaurants for which the town is justly famous.

Tucked away in the town’s arcades you will find a variety of independent traders offering quality goods and produce at affordable prices. When you buy at an independent, you can count on getting helpful, knowledgeable advice – and you know the money is staying in the community.

Dorchester also has a vibrant arts scene, both in the town itself and the surrounding villages. Whether it be artists, sculptors or musicians, some of the best can be found just round the corner.

So if you are looking for healthy food, need to know what bands are playing, want to live a greener lifestyle, or are seeking an alternative therapist, look no further.

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