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There’s a new restaurant in Dorchester, and it’s taking the town by storm. The Turquoise Kitchen, set in the historic surroundings of Judge Jeffreys, offers a taste of the delicious Mediterranean cuisine we have all come to love from our holidays.

It’s also great news for vegans, veggies and pescatarians (fish eaters),...

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The daughter of the man who saved Flying Scotsman from the scrapyard is to wave off the world’s most famous locomotive when it hauls its first train on the Swanage Railway at the start of its three-week visit to Dorset.

[caption id="attachment_7543" align="aligncenter" width="709"]Flying-Scotsman-East-Lancashire-Railway-2016-LIAM-BARNES-FR	EM Flying Scotsman, seen on...
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There is no need to build 3,500 new homes on the downs north of Dorchester’s water meadows, or at Crossways – because the developments are based on wildly inaccurate government figures.

That is the claim by the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), who commissioned an independent study that shows official figures overestimate housing demand in...

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Developers looking to build a major new housing scheme at Crossways say it offers the chance to turn the village into a cohesive, planned community.

Nexus Planning, which is acting for Woodsford Farms, says “it is widely accepted that Crossways is lacking with regard to services and facilities”.

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Pupils from Damers First School in Dorchester travelled to London to lobby Environment Secretary Michael Gove over littering in the UK.

They want to cut waste and challenge a ‘throwaway culture’, and asked Mr Gove to give the green light for a new bottle deposit-return scheme that includes all materials – not just plastic – with...

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Voters in Dorset will go to the polls on Thursday 2 May to elect the 82 members of the new Dorset Council, across 52 wards.

Local elections have traditionally been carved up by the three main political parties, but this election will see several independents standing under the ALL for Dorset banner.

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