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Dorchester fine art auctioneers Duke’s has been fined more than £18,000 for misleading customers about the authenticity of works of art on sale.

In February 2016 the partnership, based in Brewery Square, was offered the chance to sell artwork purportedly by the Cornish artist Alfred Wallis (1855-1942), a court heard.

Wallis began painting in his 70s and...

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A Dorset heathland beauty spot is being restored to its former glory – thanks to a herd of cows.

Dorset County Council has introduced Galloway cattle to graze Blackdown, its 160-acre Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) around the Hardy Monument near Dorchester.

Grazing is a traditional method of maintenance dating back to the Bronze Ages, which...

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Menopause is the time of life when a woman’s menstrual cycle ceases. It is completely natural and not an illness, in fact it’s a sign that everything’s normal.

It usually starts around age 51. Some women experience few symptoms, whereas others experience a wide range of symptoms affecting every part of their bodies and lasting about...

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War often conjures images of battle, bloodshed and bodies. Quick to disregard the complex intricacies of war, we too often revisit history numerically: what date did the battle begin? How many soldiers fought? How many died?

Statistics are impressive. However, it’s easy to forget that behind every slain soldier is a person, and behind every person...

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