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This attractively presented book provides the reader with a guide to around three dozen of West Dorset’s landscape gems, focusing on sites that are largely unknown and often ignored by tourists.

There is an emphasis on the sacred, both in a Christian and Pagan context, but while...

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La Gondola, Trinity Street, Dorchester

In these days of fast food, it’s hard to find a restaurant or even a so-called gastro pub where the food is actually made on the premises by a chef.

Bizarrely, Trading Standards allows food to be described as ‘home-cooked’, ‘freshly made’, and all the other pseudonyms you can imagine, even if...

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The Spice Centre, High West Street, Dorchester

You can probably tell people’s ages in Dorchester by the name they knew the nightclub at Top o’Town – the Buzz Inn, Liberty’s, Klimax to name a few of its incarnations. But for the last few years it’s been something completely different: the Spice Centre, an Indian restaurant.

The restaurant...

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La Caverna, Icen Way, Dorchester

The advantages of dining out are eating things you could never cook at home and not having to do the washing-up. The disadvantage is not being able to lick the plates.

This was something my companion was sorely tempted to do having consumed Franco’s wonderful duck in a sauce created from...

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Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning engages the ability of the horse to mirror unspoken human behaviour and emotions, and is considered to be short-term, solution based-therapy, allowing the client to regain their faculty of personal choice over their reactions within relationship with themselves and others. What is it about horses that makes them so capable of...
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By Dan Lighten


If William March had been at his usual post one fateful day during the during the Second World War, he would probably not have been around to celebrate is 103rd birthday.

William – known more affectionately as Billy – reached the amazing milestone on August...

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