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By Julian Nangle

A little-known fact about Thomas Hardy is that he met Robert Louis Stevenson in August 1885 in the King’s Arms Hotel in High East Street. Stevenson was travelling from Bournemouth to Dartmoor for health reasons and asked to meet the older writer.

Hardy wrote, in a paper published in 1922: “He appeared in a velveteen...

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Transition Town Dorchester is one of well over a thousand Transition Town initiatives that have sprung up all over the world in the last few years.

So what is a Transition Town? These communities have started up projects in areas such as food, transport, energy, education, housing, and waste...

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No 6 Restaurant, North Square, Dorchester

One of the enjoyments of travelling in Europe is coming across small, neighbourhood restaurants which you know are going to be good because they’re always full of local people. Happily in Dorchester we don’t have to go that far – we have excellent family-run restaurants such as No.6.

The reputation of No.6...

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Did you ever see the BBC2 Horizon programme Out of Control? on the workings of the human brain? If so, you could not fail to be fascinated by some of the findings. The conscious mind accounts for less than 10% of the brain’s activity – the rest is taken up by the unconscious mind. To...

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“Stop doing the wrong thing, and the right thing will do itself” – F M Alexander Many of us are unwittingly ‘doing the wrong thing’ as we go about our increasingly hectic lives, resulting in a variety of stresses, aches and pains. The Alexander Technique teaches us to allow ‘the right thing to do itself’ by...
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Buried items often come to light in archaeological investigations, or during the renovation of old buildings, that reveal the beliefs and superstitions of the people who built and lived in them. Animal remains, shoes and written charms are common, and witch-bottles are a well known phenomenon. Such items were placed for ‘apotropaic’ reasons – to...
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