The Last Scion by Richard Reed is a fast-paced novel set against the backdrop of the mysterious hilltop village of Rennes-le-Château in southern France.

Blending fact with fiction, the novel pieces together the legends of Mary Magdalene fleeing Palestine after the Crucifixion for what was then the Roman province of Gaul.

Reed uncovers the secrets being guarded by the French Cathars as they faced genocide in the 13th century, when tens of thousands of innocent Christians were slaughtered by the Pope’s armies.

He also explores the riddle of the enigmatic 19th century priest of Rennes, Bérenger Saunière, who turned his church into a shrine dedicated to the Magdalene.

Through artful storytelling and meticulous research, Richard Reed weaves the tale of The Last Scion that is as engaging as it is authentic to a deeper truth.

Reed sheds new light on the mystery of the Magdalene and invites the reader to restore her to her proper place as Apostle to the Apostles and Beloved of Christ.

While piercing through the veil of orthodoxy, and its tightly held beliefs, Reed reveals the heart of Jesus’ life, message and ministry – a life of unity, peace, compassion and joy that is available to us right here and right now.

The Last Scion tears down the walls of separation and breathes new life into the Christian experience. I love the message of this book.

Lauri Lumbi

The reviewer is author of Authentic Freedom – Claiming a Life of Contentment and Joy. Richard Reed is a journalist living in Dorchester. The Last Scion is available from as an e-book, price £1.95.


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