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The story of the brave pilots of 152 Squadron based at RAF Warmwell during the Second World War has been told in Danny Burt’s new book, A Battle of Britain Spitfire Squadron.

The book tells the story of the squadron’s exploits during 1940, when it help defend southern England against attacks from the Luftwaffe. Throughout the...

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Thomas the Tank engine had better watch out – he has a new rival in Beryl the Beetle! The new children’s book by Dorchester author Jayne Reed hit the shops just before Christmas, and is already proving a big seller.

[caption id="attachment_7335" align="alignleft" width="425"]Jayne-with-book Author Jayne Reed hard...
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For many years a small narrow-gauge train periodically stopped the traffic on the road from Wareham to Swanage, and for many people this was the only manifestation of an important local industry.

Ball clay had been extracted in Purbeck since the 16th century, but it was the beginning of the 19th century that saw the start...

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Julian Nangle is a familiar figure in Dorchester’s literary circles. An antiquarian bookseller and sometime poet, he was also the proprietor of the much loved bookshop Words Etcetera in Cornhill for several years.

What many may not know is that he was a successful bookseller in London before moving to Dorset. His first bookshop in Islington...

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Tim Laycock, storyteller, actor, singer and musician, is Dorset’s foremost folk animateur, whose performances, in libraries, schools, village halls and other venues throughout the county, often encompass all the above roles.

This attractive book is a compilation of stories (and a few songs) which the author has collected during his career, proves the storytelling tradition is...

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This nicely-presented volume is, as the author acknowledges, aimed more at the pagan reader than the average punter.

Perhaps more refreshing is Bird’s recognition of the more recent origins of modern paganism. His approach to the magical tradition is both frank and open, and lends weight to...

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