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I don’t know if any of you watched the BBC’s recent Horizon programme The Placebo Experiment, but it was a fascinating account of the power that the mind has over the body.

Dr Michael Mosley staged one of Britain’s largest ever trials to investigate the ‘placebo effect’.

This the commonly observed phenomenon that people sometimes get better...

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Profile has been a family-run, successful hair salon for more than seven years. We recently expanded and relocated to a bigger and newly refurbished premises in Manor Park.

profile-outside-picThe move allowed us to be able to introduce beauty services into the salon, and in July we welcomed...

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Many people experience back, neck, shoulder, joint or muscle pain. They may have just lifted too much, or suffer long-term issues. Joanna Figg-Latham M.Ost. is a joint-pain specialist who practices in osteopathy, medical acupuncture and deep-tissue massage. She works with people to return them to health. Joanna runs the Caring Osteopathy practice at The Poundbury...

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By Carolyn Robinson, The Dorset Cryolipo Clinic

Now you can have your cake and eat it thanks to a new, clinically-proven fat-loss treatment discovered by Harvard University scientists called cryolipolysis.

So just what is cryolipolysis? Also referred to as ‘fat freezing’ or ‘body sculpting’, cryolipolysis is the closest thing you can get to liposuction without actually going...

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By Marj Snape of Fordington Yoga

There has been much recent interest in mindfulness as a technique to improve mental wellbeing and cope with the stressful demands of our busy world. This is a good thing as it gives people more resilience and grounding, but mindfulness is only one aspect of the ancient art of meditation.


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Menopause is the time of life when a woman’s menstrual cycle ceases. It is completely natural and not an illness, in fact it’s a sign that everything’s normal.

It usually starts around age 51. Some women experience few symptoms, whereas others experience a wide range of symptoms affecting every part of their bodies and lasting about...

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