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War often conjures images of battle, bloodshed and bodies. Quick to disregard the complex intricacies of war, we too often revisit history numerically: what date did the battle begin? How many soldiers fought? How many died?

Statistics are impressive. However, it’s easy to forget that behind every slain soldier is a person, and behind every person...

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A philanthropist who helped provide new homes to replace Dorchester’s Victorian slums has been commemorated with a Blue Plaque.

Mill Street, Fordington was where the poorest families lived in crumbling cob cottages and tenements with few comforts – no piped water and outside toilets often shared by many different residents.

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The dedication of a national memorial to the county regiment will take place at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire this month attended by HRH the Duke of Kent.

In May last year an appeal was launched for donations to create a lasting national tribute to the infantry soldiers who served the counties of Devon and...

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The Keep Military Museum, Dorchester, is delighted to announce the opening of a new gallery portraying the military history of Dorchester and the County of Dorset through history. Concentrating on the human dimension, the gallery will tell a number of personal stories of Dorset soldiers and their families.

Among these are the experience and sacrifice of...

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Few aspects of the First World War arouse as much controversy and emotion as the execution by the British Army of 346 of its own soldiers. Of these 346 men, 266 were shot for desertion, 18 for cowardice and the rest for a variety of crimes, including mutiny and murder. The 266 accused of desertion...

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