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On the slope above Holloway Road overlooking the mill stream on the north side of Fordington churchyard, there is what at first sight might appear to be a somewhat incongruous monument – a memorial to German soldiers who were buried here in the First World War.

The carved stone plaque depicts a soldier in German uniform,...

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By Julian Nangle

A little-known fact about Thomas Hardy is that he met Robert Louis Stevenson in August 1885 in the King’s Arms Hotel in High East Street. Stevenson was travelling from Bournemouth to Dartmoor for health reasons and asked to meet the older writer.

Hardy wrote, in a paper published in 1922: “He appeared in a velveteen...

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One of Dorchester’s hidden treasures is the Roman aqueduct, which once ran from Notton, along the Frome valley, to Dorchester. The channel was originally about five feet wide and three feet deep, and would have delivered around 8 million gallons a day. It followed the contours of the valley-side closely, and only fell some 60...
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