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The First World War – ‘the War to end all Wars’ – finished with three-quarters of a million British, Imperial and Dominion dead. Very few communities could be termed ‘Thankful Villages’ to which all their inhabitants returned; across England only 53 and in Dorset only one – tiny Langton Herring.

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Dorchester residents and businesses are being given the chance to have their say on the development of a Dorchester town centre master plan.

The master plan aims to take a comprehensive approach to the future of the town centre. It will address key development sites, public space and signage, parking, traffic and transport, environmental impact, and...

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Dorset’s young carers have been taken to see War Horse at Southampton’s Mayflower as a reward for their hard work and for some down time from their often demanding responsibilities.

There are currently 117 young carers being supported by the Dorset Young Carers Service.

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Tomorrow’s Museum for Dorset has started its two-year county tour following the closure of Dorset County Museum as it undergoes its long-anticipated, multi-million pound transformation.

[caption id="attachment_7229" align="alignleft" width="340"]Dorset-Ooser-Activity-Dorset-County-Museum-2017 Children had the chance to make their own Dorset Ooser mask over the half-term holidays[/caption]

The first collaboration starts with...

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Nearly 300 new homes are to be built in local villages in the latest round of planning approvals.

A development for up to 140 homes on 27 acres of land north-west of Crossways has been approved by West Dorset District Council’s planning committee.

The development is on land identified for housing in the controversial West Dorset, Weymouth...

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The date has been set, Santa’s been told and the magic will happen again for this year’s Christmas Cracker on Thursday 6 December.

This year, a certain bear from darkest Peru will be taking the train from Paddington Station and with his tummy full of marmalade sandwiches, he will take to the main stage outside St...

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