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A campaign by villagers in Moreton to win lottery funding for a new village hall is set to be featured on BBC1’s Inside Out programme.

Residents have been fundraising for two years to replace the existing 100-year-old village hall, which is beyond economic repair.

Villagers heard just before Christmas that they had succeeded in winning a £304,427...

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The White Hart Inn in Dorchester’s High East Street has been demolished.


The pub was formerly a base for horse-drawn carriages described by Thomas Hardy in A Few Crusted Characters as a “respectable, if somewhat lumbering, class of conveyance, much resorted to by decent travellers not overstocked...

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A number of subsidised rural bus services will be retained in 2014, following an extensive public consultation exercise.

Although routes subsidised by Dorset County Council will be reduced next year, on 4 December Cabinet members approved plans which mean that no community that currently has a service will be left without one.

Detailed negotiations with bus companies...

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By Richard Reed


It was just a thatched cottage, like so many others in Dorset – postcard-pretty, and so homely you almost expected to see smoke curling out of the chimney.

Yet this was the cottage where one of England’s greatest writers was born; perhaps even one of...

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By Jerry Bird


Dorset’s mineral industries are, for the most part, a relatively obscure part of the county’s heritage compared with those of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.

This may soon change, however, as a fascinating new museum has just opened on the Isle of Purbeck, adjacent to the...

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Dorchester residents are to be consulted in a postal questionnaire on the town’s controversial new proposed one-way system following a massive protest by local families.

The deadline for comments on the scheme – originally set at November 18 – has also been extended to December 20.

More than...

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