Dorchester-based environmental group Dorset Energized has gone nationwide after three years of continuous progress with its renewable energy website.

Let’s Get Energized is a new national renewable energy communication hub that will have increased appeal for anyone interested in food, gardening and wildlife, and who wants to know more about green energy.

Let’s Get Energized is an online guide to renewable energy with the latest news, views, tips, and special offers to help people save energy, save money, beat rising energy prices, combat climate change, and be more self-sufficient and energy secure.

The site is packed full of useful and easy to understand information on what renewable technologies are available, from solar energy, wind and water power, to renewable heat energy and electric transport.

Vince Adams, founder and spokesperson for Dorset Energized and Let’s Get Energized, says, “Our aim is to communicate at every level with the great success stories and important new developments that are inspiring a new generation.

“Since our website launched our team have realised that much of the information is relevant for all UK home-owners and tenants, so this October we expanded to become Let’s Get Energized. We are also very excited to welcome new blogger Holly Barber from The Simon King Wildlife Project.”

Dorset Energized was originally founded by a small group of renewable energy enthusiasts who first met in 2011 at a meeting of the Dorset Energy Partnership’s Community Sustainable Energy Working Group and launched the website in 2011.

 The group announced its expansion news to the Dorset Sustainable Community Energy Group at a meeting at the Dorford Centre in Dorchester on 21 October.

Vince says, “Dorset is a very beautiful county and contains such fabulous areas of outstanding natural beauty, supporting high biodiversity and many rare species. Living here has helped us understand how much more we need to work together with nature, rather than against it, to meet our local and UK renewable energy targets.

“Our aim is to continue to provide impartial advice and information, in a friendly format, and to support people connecting with renewable energy. We will continue to take part in local events and energy roadshows under Dorset Energized, and we will always be very proud that it all started here in Dorset!”

Over the past year Let’s Get Energized has successfully teamed up with ethical energy companies, including the UK’s only 100% renewable energy suppliers, Good Energy and Ecotricity, both based in the South-West, to offer site users special deals and incentives.

“The key message is that if there is one thing we can all to today, whether we are renting or homeowners, single or with a large family, is to switch to a green energy supplier,” says Vince. “Many green energy tariffs are now also competitive in price to ‘the big six’ and both Ecotricity and Good Energy have rapidly grown their customer base over the past year. Good Energy is investing in several solar farm projects in Dorset.”

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