Many people experience back, neck, shoulder, joint or muscle pain. They may have just lifted too much, or suffer long-term issues. Joanna Figg-Latham M.Ost. is a joint-pain specialist who practices in osteopathy, medical acupuncture and deep-tissue massage. She works with people to return them to health. Joanna runs the Caring Osteopathy practice at The Poundbury Clinic in Dorchester.


Osteopathy can help reduce joint pain

Osteopaths are registered healthcare professionals who are qualified, insured and work with GPs and other healthcare professionals in your community. They are Allied Health Professionals within the NHS in recognition of how osteopathy complements other medical interventions. Osteopaths are best known for treating back pain. Joanna however, sees people with a wide range of problems as unique as each of them. She is able to integrate acupuncture and sports massage with osteopathy in response to your needs, and treatment is combined with advice for self-help.

Here are some examples of how Joanna has helped clients:

“Hauling a heavy Singer sewing machine up and over two flight of steps, during a recent move, left one of my patients with unrelenting shoulder ache, neck pain and a headache. After ensuring there were no other related problems, I devised a personalised four-week course of treatments with stretching advice that resulted in him being pain-free.”

“I met an active, dog-owning octogenarian who had hip pain for five months, yet no explanation could be found from X-ray, or, relief given by reducing activity. We worked together on a course of treatment, consisting of gentle mobilisation of his back and acupuncture into deep muscles in the hip. He re-introduced exercise according to tailored advice, and after only six weeks, he is most relieved to have returned to his former self. Now he is back on the beach and up on the headland with his dog.”

“A young, professional women struggled with running, so started working with a personal trainer over 18 months, intending to run the London Marathon. Prior to competing, osteopathic and sports massage treatments enabled her to enjoy an intensive training regime. This paid-off as she fulfilled her dream and completed the run. It was a life-changing experience for her.”

Further examples can be found online and on the website. Book an appointment with Joanna at, or you may contact her prior to booking on 07748 757392.

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