Perhaps you are considering easing your way into the New Year with some gentle hatha yoga or meditation. Yoga is accessible to people of all ages and improves flexibility and mobility and posture. The breathing exercises bring calm and help maintain mental wellbeing.

view-top-fieldEveryone enjoys the opportunity to relax! Essentially what we now consider to be yoga grew out of the need to prepare the body and mind to sit in meditation, and increasingly in our busy and demanding world people are being drawn to meditation.

They may not be able to fully articulate what it is they are looking for, but most are looking for some peace of mind and a sense of calm. Meditation has been practised across time and cultures as human beings have experienced this fundamental need, and for some they are called by the mystery of the inner journey.

Learning to ‘be’

 There are many misconceptions about meditation such as ‘emptying the mind’ or ‘having visions’, but essentially it is learning to ‘be’. It is not something that you do, you are not waiting for some experience to come upon you, it is learning to be very present with what is.

This includes learning to exercise some basic control over the activity of the mind but also learning to watch the mind and the constant movements in the mind, and develop more discrimination as well as inner acceptance and compassion.

There are more and more opportunities for meditation available and if early morning is a convenient time of day for you then you may be interested in our 7am class on a Wednesday morning at Dorchester Yoga and Therapy Centre.

This is a contemplative and peaceful way to start the day with 45 minutes of meditative silence with like-minded people. You are very welcome to join us. I also run an early evening drop-in meditation group on Wednesdays, from 6.15-7.15pm at the Friends’ Meeting House.

In 2019 I will also be offering silent weekend retreats, meditation days and yoga in the stunning setting of Hilfield Friary. See the website for details

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