So here we are back from the excesses of the Christmas break, where the realities of life are submerged for a while under a deluge of ‘goodwill to all men’; mainly driven by a toxic but enticing mixture of overeating, over-drinking, and over-stressing.

And now, in the bleak midwinter, as if to further compound our festive frailties, we burden ourselves with those well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions; doomed to disappointment and capitulation, falling away quicker than the echoes of Auld Lang Syne.

Let’s agree that this time of year is testing and stressful for many of us: where thinly wrapped sensitivities tear open, where our insecurities and worries are exposed. Yet a whole new year beckons with its promise of renewal and regeneration, and the hope of growth, achievement and change.

Ask for help

Sometimes we all need a little help to make things happen – a sense of direction and purpose. While we might consider enlisting a mechanic to fix our car or a fitness coach to raise our physical performance, somehow most of us expect our mental wellbeing to look after itself.

It’s as if we feel asking for help is some sort of admission of failure, a black mark on our self-esteem or a blot on our character.

We take a different view at room2bloom; we see counselling and life coaching as aids to fulfilment, personal growth and self-understanding; not necessarily always as a last-gasp safety net, but as a way of enhancing any person’s ongoing development.

We walk with you as your confident companion exploring, in a safe, non-judgemental and confidential manner, those difficulties and blocks that are hindering your life’s progress.

If you want this year to deliver your ambitions, if you just want someone to listen to you quietly and unconditionally, or you want to address outstanding issues and feelings, room2bloom is here for you.

Simply phone today to arrange a free initial appointment where you will meet a counsellor on a one to one basis and explore how you might work together to meet your expectations and to help you make it happen.

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