We love our gardens – we love visiting them and we enjoy seeing them on TV, from English country traditions to modern minimalist styles, cottage gardens to seaside gravel, calm Japanese style oases to lush tropical planting.

Sometimes, however, we just don’t know how to achieve the garden we’d like in our own space.

I work with clients to understand their vision and what they want the garden to do. Perhaps it needs to double as a play area or a wildlife haven, or provide privacy? Maybe it must be full of scent and colour, or is entertaining outdoors a priority?

No matter what sort of garden is your dream, I can help you achieve it.

There are three main stages in the planning and design process and at every stage I keep in touch with you, the client, as our ideas evolve. Initially we meet (in your garden!) for a discussion.

I then draw a scale plan of the space and come up with some ideas to talk over that meet your requirements.

3D drawing

This is the concept stage. Next I design the garden to scale and produce a plan of the layout and perhaps a 3D drawing to help you visualise it. Details of materials and any necessary construction are included.

Finally it’s time to decide on the plants. I draw a plan for the planting and produce a list of all the plants you need, helping you to get the right plants for the right places so that your garden thrives and looks wonderful throughout the seasons.

You may just need some parts of the design process. For you just having the ideas at the concept stage may be enough. Or you may be keen and confident to plan the planting yourself.

Equally you may be happy with most of your garden and just need a border planned or an area renovated by pruning or replacing plants that will work well for you. Whatever the level of my involvement I can help you realise the potential of your outdoor space, whether it’s a little yard or an extensive garden.

As an RHS trained gardener as well as a garden designer I love to get ‘hands on’ in the garden! Digging, pruning, weeding, planting… whether it is a new or an already established plot, I can help keep your garden healthy and looking lovely for you to enjoy.

Sally Birley


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