Roughly 700 people a day are diagnosed with diabetes and an estimated 1.1 million people have undiagnosed diabetes. When that diagnosis is made it can be a worrying time.

The NHS gives excellent support to diabetics but nevertheless questions arise. Diet can be a constant worry and it would be wonderful to have someone to seek support from on a personal basis.

Good news! Isabel Hooley is the local Personal Diabetic Coach and I met up with her to find out about what she does; she offers support to all diabetics, Type 1, Type 2, newly diagnosed, long term diabetics and even pre-diabetics.

All diabetics are different, and all diets are different. Some diabetes can be controlled just by diet, some with insulin and there are many drugs available to manage the condition.

Isabel can see you in her clinic to discuss your diabetes. Perhaps you would like her help in the supermarket learning how to understand labels to discern the best foods for you, or she could come to your home to share your meal time challenges.

Any diet which forbids certain foods is difficult and stressful to follow, and Isabel knows that will power alone is not the answer! She will get to know you as an individual – she will talk to you about your likes and dislikes, your lifestyle and how diabetes impacts on your life. Over time your body changes and your diet and medication may also need to change. All this will be covered in her discussion with you.

Isabel will provide the help you need to help you manage your diabetes in a way that suits you. She specialises in diabetes and has wide experience and, importantly, enthusiasm to help her clients. She will provide help and support in a friendly, positive and non-judgemental way.

Isabel can be contacted via her website The

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