A new word has entered the English language – not a particularly attractive one, but of vital importance to our future: ‘hyperlocalism’.

After decades in which big newspaper groups have been closing down local titles and pulling back staff to remote, out-of-touch regional centres, a new breed of ‘hyperlocal’ community newspapers is proving that people really do want local news – even in major cities like London.

Perhaps it’s hardly surprising, after the debacle of the banking crisis. In a world of corporate giants and increasing globalisation, people are turning back to their roots, to their local communities, for the things that really matter in life. The Voice is supporting independent retailers, struggling in harsh times, by offering advertising from just £20.

The Dorchester Voice is a truly community venture, supported by people such as Town Crier Alistair Chisholm, therapist and bookseller Julian Nangle, environmental campaigner Pete West, musician Jerry Bird, web designer Didier Sajno, and journalist Richard Reed – founder of the Dorchester Guardian newspaper in the late nineties, and now also a qualified hypnotherapist.

All have given their time and money to support the Voice – so please do help us by telling all your friends and family about this great new magazine.

And if you have any news or events you would like to see featured in the Voice, please contact news@dorchestervoice.co.uk. Thank you!

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  1. I think this website and the publication bright, professional and definitely the way forward.
    I believe the terminology from the sociologists and intellectuals now is micro financing, the philosophy being that the starving shoemaker does not benefit from a global charity better financing the shoemaker which will benefit him and those around him, basically to provide support to individuals and not organisations taking out the middle men.
    I find the Dorchester Voice not only refreshing but also a good foundation for like minded positive people that want to improve their communities and have a voice.

    Well done