Dorchester’s free WiFi service has just clocked up its 50,000th login – and if you sign up, too, you could bag a VIP treat.

Dorchester Business Improvement District (BID) headed up a drive to provide Dorchester town centre with a free and accessible WiFi hotspot network.

This has been achieved with the support of additional funding from local councils and Brewery Square. Since its launch in May last year, usage has been steadily growing to the point that there are now over 12,000 users.

The network has hotspots in High West Street, High East Street, Cornhill, South Street, Trinity Street and Brewery Square. There are even hotspots in the Borough Gardens.

Now Dorchester BID has just launched a new feature on the town’s free WiFi network for users to enjoy called #DorchDeals that come out each Monday morning, and will allow you to enjoy special discounts, and VIP treats such as free cakes in cafes.

 All you have to do is register on the _Dorchester (FREE) Wi-Fi and make sure you request ‘YES’ to marketing information.

“This will not lead to a cascade of junk emails as Dorchester BID does not share your email details with any third parties,” said BID director Phil Gordon.

“The only information you will receive will be about events on in Dorchester that you may want to attend and the weekly DorchDeals to delight and entice!”

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