It’s official! Dorchester has officially been named one of the UK’s happiest towns.

Those of us who live here have always known that it’s a great place, but now Rightmove has put Dorchester in the top 10 happiest places to live.

The property website carried out a study of 22,000 people and asked them to rank how happy they were with where they lived.

Other factors they were asked to rate included having a sense of belonging and whether their fellow townsfolk were polite and friendly. They were also quizzed about access to amenities such as sports centres, the arts, schools and doctors.

Dorchester came in at the eighth happiest place to live, while the South-West as a whole was the happiest UK region.

Dorchester Town Crier Alistair Chisholm said: “The happiness of a place depends on those who live there at least as much as its natural attributes. The people of Dorchester are caring, compassionate and are happy to work together for the greater good. This applies as much to helping those in need as it does to ensuring that a range of events are run well for everyone’s benefit.

“A true measure of that co-operation will be on show in early April when the town performs its seventh community play Spinning the Moon – a record unequalled elsewhere.”

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