Dorchester’s Cllr Molly Rennie has won a prestigious Rotary award for her work helping victims of domestic abuse.

Molly has worked tirelessly in Dorchester for more than 30 years, helping victims of domestic abuse.

Molly-RennieShe was nominated by Dorchester Casterbridge Rotary for a Community Champions Award for her work, which started with the Dorchester Women’s’ Refuge which she chaired during its formative years and for which she has raised thousands of pounds.

Molly identified that victims of domestic abuse, both male and female, were poorly supported and set about helping.

“Her achievements in raising the profile of the campaign against domestic abuse are an example to all,” said a Rotary spokeswoman.

“She has been truly inspirational in driving forward the campaign, firstly by ensuring the refuge became a reality and then ensuring it has the funds to run and continue its excellent work.”

In recent times Molly has become active in helping to educate and support children and young people who have witnessed domestic abuse.

Molly’s determination to raise the subject across the community has been paying off, with victims empowered to escape their situations, reflected by a refuge sadly always full.

Molly has firmly established refuges, half-way houses, educational programmes and community support networks for victims of domestic abuse.

Molly will receive her award at the 2017-18 Rotary Champions of Change Awards event at Cardiff City Hall in May.


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