The Education Team at Monkey World ape rescue centre near Wool were thrilled to receive their first ever Monkey Mobile, proudly sponsored by Westerly Dorchester.

An important part of the ethos of Monkey World is education. The education team visits groups, schools, holds assemblies, conducts guided tours and talks at the park, and teaches both children and adults about the rescue and rehabilitation work at Monkey World and how everyone can help.

However, the Education Team needed a new car to spread the Monkey World message further afield. The staff at Westerly Dorchester heard what they were trying to do and stepped in to help. Keen to be involved in the project, they generously agreed to sponsor a car and the aptly-named ‘Monkey Mobile’ arrived in the form of a new BMW.

“It is a pleasure to be collaborating with such a good cause,” said Stuart Carter of Westerly Dorchester. “We wanted to put something back into the community by supporting Monkey World in educating children and adults about the issues they face, both in the UK and worldwide.

The Monkey Mobile has just made its first visit to Bovington primary school. The children had already received a presentation by the Monkey World Education Team and were so inspired by the visit they decided to make up shoe-boxes filled with gifts and treats for the primates for the park’s Shoe-Box Appeal. The Education Team was presented with a staggering 55 shoe-boxes, crammed full of food items, socks and towels for the park’s residents!

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