Developers looking to build a major new housing scheme at Crossways say it offers the chance to turn the village into a cohesive, planned community.

Nexus Planning, which is acting for Woodsford Farms, says “it is widely accepted that Crossways is lacking with regard to services and facilities”.


Moreton station could be moved to a more convenient location

In a statement, Nexus managing director Roger Tustain said the new settlement being proposed on land north of the railway line “provides the opportunity to plan comprehensively”.

“It will deliver significant improvements in services and facilities serving the Crossways locality,” he added.

Mr Tustain said there would be a “significant emphasis” on green open space, as part of the development.

Of the total site area of just over 1,000 acres, the plan sets aside more than half – 682 acres – to what planners call ‘green infrastructure’.

“Much of this would comprise accessible open space and recreational opportunities – accessible to future residents of Upper Woodsford as well as existing residents at Crossways and the wider rural community,” said Mr Tustain.

“Of particular consideration is the proposed provision of a mixed-use hub at the southern boundary of the new settlement, adjacent to the northern boundary of Crossways. This would include retail, health and community facilities, as well as potential employment spaces. Two first schools and a secondary school are also proposed as part of the new settlement.”

He said the plan also proposes relocating the existing Moreton Station immediately north of Crossways. “This would significantly enhance its accessibility to a larger portion of the village’s population and could enable a better station facility to be provided – ie greater car parking – to serve the settlement.

“By virtue of the site’s current condition as part quarry, part agricultural land, there are significant opportunities to enhance its biodiversity offer through new planting. The plan illustrates drainage attenuation ponds that would also form new habitats.”

He said the new settlement concept had the potential “to make a significant contribution towards the enhancement of the transport infrastructure that connects the area to the rest of the county – notably Dorchester and the conurbation where 80% of Dorset’s employment is focused”.

The plan can be viewed at:


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