Residents are demanding action to solve Dorchester’s growing traffic and parking problems in the streets around the hospital and two of the town’s schools.

Families are concerned over heavy traffic and congested parking in the areas around the county hospital, Thomas Hardye and Dorchester Middle schools, the rugby club, and the sports centre.

Among the solutions being considered is a call for traffic-calming measures to be installed in the roads around the schools.

Residents are concerned over road safety, particularly at the time of day when the schools start and finish. However, the traffic problems are not limited to these times, but affect the whole area surrounding the hospital at all times of day.

Dorchester Town Council’s planning and environment committee met in July to discuss the road safety issues.

Trevor Jones, a town, district and county councillor for the Dorchester area, said, “The amount of traffic generated by the Victoria Park schools, the Sports Centre, and the Rugby Club, has grown greatly over the years. Naturally local residents are concerned as their lives are being affected, not just by traffic but also by parking issues.

“The problems are compounded by the traffic and associated parking generated by the hospital less than a mile away.

 “All these facilities are very welcome – however, they do generate a significant amount of traffic, and parking does impact residents who live locally. So we will have to see what can be done.”

A drop-in session is being arranged at Hardye’s school this autumn to discuss what can be done to improve the situation. Residents will be informed when a date and time for the meeting has been agreed.

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