“So what is this place at 8 Prince of Wales Road?” is a comment often heard said, writes Mrs Chris Glyde of the Fellowship of Meditation. The fellowship here in Dorchester exists to provide an opportunity for men and women of any Christian denomination – or none – to learn and practice a Christian form of contemplative meditation. There are groups meeting throughout the UK and internationally on a weekly or monthly basis (see website). A local group meets here weekly at the headquarters of the fellowship in Dorchester, while others from further away use the facilities of its residential centre for longer periods of stay. This can be an opportunity to step aside apart from the clamour that constantly surrounds us, and in times of meditative silence may discover that while being within this special place a sense of calm, peace, strength and healing may develop that can be taken and used in everyday life. You are very welcome to come along and join us at our Annual Dorset Quiet Day on Saturday 28 July between 10.30am – 3pm. For more details email fellowship.meditation@gmail.com

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