Tomorrow’s Museum for Dorset has started its two-year county tour following the closure of Dorset County Museum as it undergoes its long-anticipated, multi-million pound transformation.


Children had the chance to make their own Dorset Ooser mask over the half-term holidays

The first collaboration starts with an exciting exhibition of the Eldridge Pope Brewery, where visitors can delve into the local history of brewing exploring objects, pictures and a working model of the brewery that is so accurate it can even be used to brew a thimbleful of beer.

There will an opportunity to don curator’s gloves and travel back in time getting up close to some of the objects from the museum, including an original newspaper covering stories from the Second World War.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for visitors and residents to visit our touring exhibition to see and engage with our collections, giving a snapshot of some of the hidden gems from our natural history, archaeology, geology, costume, art and literature collections, many of which will feature in the new museum,” said museum director Jon Murden.

“Tomorrow’s Museum for Dorset on Tour at Brewery Square will give visitors and residents the chance to explore collections and stories from Eldridge Pope Brewery, but also we want our visitors to help us reveal what life here in the 21st century is like.” The pop-up museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday 10am-4pm until February, before heading to the next stop on its county tour.

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