All of Dorset’s countryside should be turned into a National Park, says the local branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE).

In its evidence to the government-appointed Glover Review of Designated Landscapes, Dorset CPRE said a Dorset National Park would work to benefit the whole of rural Dorset.

“It would bring additional resources, and support the Dorset Council, in partnership with other stakeholders, to deliver on the environment and heritage, biodiversity and natural capital,” it says in its submission.

“The new Dorset Council and the National Park would work together on a shared agenda for living, working, thriving, resilient and sustainable communities, countryside and rural economy.”

The CPRE says a National Park would work with the Dorset Council, communities, farmers and landowners, to promote appropriate development, including truly affordable homes and housing for local people, and economic development that rural Dorset needs.

“It could work with farmers and landowners to deliver locally relevant farm funding, and develop a coherent tourism strategy to help spread the season, and benefit parts of Dorset that are underappreciated as well as help manage tourism pressures, e.g. at coastal hot-spots,” it adds.

Subject to Natural England’s detailed assessment, Dorset CPRE would wish the boundary of the National Park to be the same as the new unitary authority of rural Dorset.

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