WAND (Women’s Action Network Dorset) and the Dorchester Feminist Group would love to know. What needs to change to make our community the best place to live in for you and women of all ages?

We will be hosting a street consultation activity on Saturday 7 March in Dorchester, between 10am-3pm. Members of WAND and the Dorchester Feminist Group will be present to speak to local women and girls, as a way of finding out what’s important to them.

What new facilities, activities, opportunities or support would you like to see? Look out for our gazebo outside Barclay’s bank on South Street, and come and tell us!

The results of this street consultation will be analysed and written up into a report, which will be published via WAND’s website and Facebook page. We are also working hard to create a directory of local organisations so that we can signpost women to places that may already be offering relevant activities, opportunities and services.

The report we write will also be used to persuade local organisations (e.g. councils, service providers, community organisations) to listen to women’s feedback and take up your ideas. The more feedback and ideas we have, the better.

This event has also been timed to mark International Women’s Day, celebrated every year on the 8 March, which celebrates women’s achievements and calls for progress towards achieving gender equality. WAND is a community voluntary organisation that promotes women’s rights and wellbeing, established in 2010.

Previous events and activities (including Reclaim the Night marches and Dorset Women’s Day) have raised money for crucial services which support women in Dorset. WAND also aims to offer opportunities for women to network, socialise and share their skills with one another.

Dorchester Feminist Group is an informal open group for mutual support, discussion and actioning of feminist and women-focused political issues – and laughing.

If you want to find out more, please do get in touch at wanddorset@gmail.com. You can also visit www.facebook.com/fantasticdorsetwomenor https://wandwomen.org.uk/.

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