The weekend of 26-28 January sees the return of the RSPB’s ever-popular Big Garden Birdwatch. Now in its 40th year, the Birdwatch asks members of the public to look out at their gardens for an hour during the weekend and record all the birds you see during that time.

If you feel strongly about protecting wildlife, STAND (Save The Area North of Dorchester) is asking Dorchester residents to spend an additional hour that weekend recording the birds in the water meadows and the hills beyond so that we can discover more about the wildlife of the area that is proposed as building land for 3,500 houses.

Members of the public are asked to note the date and time, the species of bird and where exactly you saw it and send in your list to If you’re not sure what species it is, send us a photo instead. A small prize will be awarded to the person who sends in the most records!

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